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Direct Access Level II Trading Platform - Options Trading
Our FOREX platforms combine ease of use, unprecedented flexibility and a full suite of professional charting and order management tools, all on a single screen. Best of all, you can use the same User ID and Password to switch between platforms at will, putting you in total control of your trading experience.
View real-time prices in 22 currency pairs  
Execute market orders with just one mouse click
Track P&L and open positions in real time
Perform technical analysis with our robust advanced charting tools
Choose from 8 available order types
Access a full suite of proprietary daily and weekly research reports  
View up to the minute news headlines and market commentary
FOREX Platform Training Course:
We provide a 3 hour course for direct access users that will help you maximize the way you use your platform.
Course Completion Outcome:  A brief description of the Primary Tasks that a Novice Graduate will know to perform.
Features and Functions - learn how to use all the features and functions this robust platform has to offer.
Charting Studies & Customization:  Design your own custom chartting studies like the professionals do.
Order Execution Best Practices:  Customizing your order entry specifications for quick entry and exit.
Predefined Order Setup:    Setting your parameters for the best predefined pricing strategies.
Trailing Stops and Alerts:  Best practices for setting up your stops and limits for best performance.
Screen Layout Optimization:   Customizing your screen layouts for the best optimizion and results.
Hot Keys:  Best practices for setting up your hot keys for fast reaction and avoiding mistakes.
Account Manager Setup:  Customizing your account manager for maximum efficiency and risk management.
  Pricing and Duration Details 
3 Lessons - (Includes lesson material and quizzes with illustrations that correspond to the presentation)
Total Course Duration - 3 Hours - (Apprx 1 hour each)
Available on CD or View On Demand - $195.00
(live support not included)
Available on Live Broadcast  -  $395 
(includes unlimited live support)  (register here)

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