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Managed Accounts:  - A managed account is a portfolio of securities actively managed by industry professionals based on an investor's individual objectives.  Managed account investors benefit from the knowledge, resources and experience of professional investment managers and research analysts.  Individuals requiring high levels of investment flexibility, tax management capabilities and personalized service may benefit most from separately managed accounts.  Having your account managed by professionals will also reduce the burnden of having to make difficult investment decisions yourself.  We can help you choose a portfolio management provider that is most suitable for your needs.

Portfolio Management and Investment Strategy - A managed portfolio puts professionals in charge of your assets. All decisions are made on your behalf including investment research and selection to help pursue your goals. It can be an ideal way to simplify investing.  Our qualified affiliate Portfolio Managers specialize in providing professional investment advise for individuals, corporations and retirement accounts. There services cover a wide variety of investment products including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs. Our affiliate Investment Managers have a long consistent history of showing superior customer service to our students. They pride themselves in accommodating those who request their account me managed in a manner that is consistent with their financial situations, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Potential investors are advised to carefully read the Risk Disclosure Documentation provided to you by a representative upon request. This risk disclosure information will help you determine your eligibility and investment objectives for a managed account.

Individual, Corporate and Reterement Accounts - Our affiliate investment professionals offer investment advise and portfolio management of the highest quality. As you may already know, quality investment advise for individuals is hard to come by these days. Our research indicates that most investment professionals set their priorities on accommodating their largest accounts first, then making their way down to their smaller accounts second. This research is predicated primarily on the testimonials and complaints we acquired from our students who share their experiences with us on a regular basis. As we documented their testimonials and complaints we have eliminated many financial institutions and individuals who did not meet our standards from our affiliate list. Thus, finding the best portfolio managers through the process of elimination. In doing so, we have gone through the pain staking process of seeking out investment advisors and managers with the highest quality of advice, performance and customer care. We continue to monitor the comments of our students pertaining to our affiliate investment managers on a regular basis. We have not heard anything negative as of this time.  On the contrary, our students have reported very positive remarks regarding our recommended affiliates over the past 6 years. We hope this level of professionalism and performance continues into the future.

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