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Futures Trading Direct Access Trading Platform
Download this professional trading platform for FREE and enjoy 2 weeks of Real life trading simulation. This live data-feed provides you with the ability to access all features and functions of this platform.
Real-Time Quotes & Charts and News  
Access to Market Makers & ECNs
Advanced Charts and Order Entry
Trade Stock, Options, and Futures
Fully equipped with alerts & triggers
Realtime News (Dow Jones & more)  
Level II Platform Training Course:
We provide a 3 hour course for direct access users that will help you maximize the way you use your platform.
Course Completion Outcome:  A brief description of the Primary Tasks that a Novice Graduate will know to perform.
Level II Direct Access Overview - learn how to use all the features and functions that a robust level 2 platform has to offer.
Charting Studies & Customization:  Design your own custom chartting studies like the professionals do.
Order Execution Best Practices:  Customizing your order entry specifications for quick entry and exit.
Predefined Order Setup:    Setting your parameters for the best predefined pricing strategies.
Stops and Limits Setup:  Best practices for setting up your stops and limits for best performance.
Screen Layout Optimization:   Customizing your screen layouts for the best optimizion and results.
Hot Keys:  Best practices for setting up your hot keys for fast reaction and avoiding mistakes.
Account Manager Setup:  Customizing your account manager for maximum efficiency and risk management.
  Pricing and Duration Details 
3 Lessons - (Includes lesson material and quizzes with illustrations that correspond to the presentation)
Total Course Duration - 3 Hours - (Apprx 1 hour each)
Available on CD or View On Demand - $195.00
(live support not included)
Available on Live Broadcast  -  $395 
(includes unlimited live support)  (register here)

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