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  Novice Course Overview:  This complete course will have you ready to invest like a professional in just a few weeks time.   Starting out with this course is the best choice for people who are new to Short Term & Long Term investing and those with Trading experience.  The course material will build a strong foundation of knowledge and help you understand the essential concepts, Trading terms and basic strategies to get started.   This course  is specially designed to teach novice investors the secrets of the capital markets, how to find good investment opportunities and how to independently manage their own portfolios.   In this course we will emphasize the practical aspects of investing, without abandoning important theoretical and fundamental subjects that we believe every investor should know in order to understand how the financial markets and especially the stock market works.  This course effectively integrates the teaching of market fundamentals, disciplined investing, practical techniques as well as the use of free online tools and resources to improve your Trading performance and greatly increase the likelihood of profit.
Course Completion Outcome:  A brief description of the Primary Tasks that a Novice Graduate will know to perform.
Finding & Evaluating Stocks to Buy/Sell - Find the most promising stocks & identify the stocks you should avoid
Basic Stock Market Analysis - Learn how to use free web tools that will help you in conducting basic analysis of publicly traded companies.
Indicators & Trading Signals - Read technical patterns & indicators and generate buy/sell signals
Portfolio Performance Tracking - Build and track a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds
Avoid Common Mistakes - Determine your tolerance for risk and learn to avoid common mistakes
Trading Platform & Data - Reading & Interpreting the live streaming data on your Trading software platform for sophisticated analysis.
Choose Your Investment Style - Explore the variety of investment styles and select the one's you prefer most.
Develop Your Own "Trading Model" and Routine - Design a routine to be repeated until perfection. (more on Trading models)
Start Trading Live - invest with your real money after practicing on a Trading simulator.
Managing Your Profits & Risk - protection tools and the psychological essentials that all traders must follow.
  Pricing and Duration Details 
5 Lessons - (Includes lesson material and quizzes with illustrations that correspond to the presentation)
Total Course Duration - 10 Hours - (Apprx 2 hours each Lesson)
Available on CD or View On Demand - $495.00 (live support not included)
Available on Live Broadcast  -  $1,195.00   (includes unlimited live support)  (register here)
Below is a detailed description of the novice day Trading course curriculum and topics.
LESSON 1:  Investing In Stocks
Stocks versus other investments, the wonders of compounded interest, cutting the market into sectors and industry slices, investing for the long run.
  • Publicly Trading Companies Overview
    • Owning company shares
    • Why do companies go public?
    • Advantages & disadvantages of owning stock
    • Types of stocks
    • The NYSE vs. NASDAQ
    • OTC stocks and their pro's and con's
    • NMS Listed Companies
    • Trading + 3 and Stock Market Regulations
    • Cash Accounts vs. Margin Accounts
    • Cash Sweeps to Money Market choices
    • Exploring industries & sectors
    • Dividends & stock splits
    • The magic of compounding
    • Why do stocks perform the best
  • Market Makers Defined
    • Identifying the Primary Market Makers in a Stock
    • Analysis of Market Maker Activity in a stock
    • Uncover the Market Maker's Hidden Agenda
    • How To Avoid Market Maker Deception
LESSON 2:  Analyzing Stocks
  • Fundamental Analysis
    • Publicly Trading Company Overview
    • The Income Statement
    • The balance sheet
    • Using multiples and financial ratios
    • Understanding value investing principles
    • Influence of company growth on stock performance
    • Sorting out public filings
  • Technical Analysis Basics
    • Charting Timeline Settings Overview (5 minute, 1 Day, etc.)
    • Simple Line Charting
    • Candle Stick Charts
    • Support and Resistance Levels
    • Break Outs
    • Chart Patterns Overview
    • Momentum Patterns
    • Trend Line Patterns
    • Candle Bullish & Bearish Reversal Patterns
    • Gaps Overview and Analysis
    • Charting Studies and Theory Overview
    • Moving Averages Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
    • Fibonacci Charting and the Elliott Wave Theory
    • Stochastic Basics
    • Combining Basic Charting Strategize
LESSON 3:  Trading Stocks & Getting Started
  • Finding & Evaluating Stocks to Day Trade
    • Best Practices - Preparing for your Trading Day
    • Pre-Market Trading Environment Analysis
    • Where to find valuable free research on the net
    • Adapting your criteria to the day's market conditions
    • Stock Screening & Criteria Search
    • Narrowing your search to the Stocks that are most compatible for your chosen style
    • Evaluating and eliminating the stocks that are not compatible with your strategy
    • Analyzing the remaining stocks that fit your criteria
    • Narrow down your selection of stocks by selecting the ones with the highest success probability for your criteria
    • Identifying the your remaining stock's charting characteristics (support, resistance, trend, momentum, etc)
    • Identify the primary market makers of your chosen stocks (also known as the dominant market maker or the Axe)
    • Evaluate the recent history of the primary market makers
    • Identify and evaluate your pre-determined entrance and exit strategies
    • Premeditate how you will react if the stock does not follow your expectations
  • Shorting Strategies
    • Shorting the stock market overview
    • Shorting entry and exit strategies
    • Level II Data can help guide you
    • Identify and avoid a "head fake"
    • The "do's and dont's" of shorting
    • Short Squeeze
    • Shorting by design
  • Important Events During The Day
    • The pre-market activity
    • The opening bell
    • Market Reversal
    • Market Stagnation
    • Lunch Time Activity
    • Market Break Out or Break Down
    • The Closing Bell
    • After Market Trading Activity
LESSON 4:  Introduction To Fixed Income & Bonds
  • The Bond Market
    • Bonds Basic Overview
    • Coupon
    • Par Value
    • Maturity Date
    • Bond Indenture
    • Callable Bonds
    • Convertible Bonds
    • Commercial Paper
    • Interest vs. Discount
    • Relationship of price to yield
  • Government Bonds
    • Government Bond Overview
    • Municipal Bonds
    • Government Debt Bonds
    • Standard and Poor's / Moody's Ratings
    • AAA (Triple "A" rated bonds vs. others)
    • Government Backed Bonds overview
    • Treasuries Overview
    • Treasury Bills
    • Treasury Notes
    • Treasury Bonds
    • The yield curve
    • How to read the Gov'Trading´Trading bonds tables
    • Mortgage Bonds
  • Corporate Bonds
    • Listed Bonds vs. Unlisted
    • Over The Counter
    • Zero Coupon Bonds
    • Call Option
    • Convertible Bonds
    • Interest Payment
    • ECN's (MarketAxess)
    • Credit Default Swaps - un funded synthetic exposure
  • Bonds Yield & The Stock Market Effect
    • Government bonds yield and the housing market
    • The relationships of the bond market and the stock market
    • Bond Market Index
    • Bond Market Indices
    • Event Risk Mitigation (poison pill provision)
    • Floating Rate Notes
    • Weak Rated Bonds
    • Junk Bonds
    • Credit Risk
    • Purchasing & Selling Bonds procedures
    • Basic Bond Trading Strategies
    • Bond Market Analysis
    • The Bond Market Index
LESSON 5:  Introduction To Mutual Funds & Portfolio Management
  • Mutual Funds Overview
    • Mutual Funds Defined
    • Conservative Funds (income)
    • Moderate Funds (growth)
    • Aggressive Funds (aggressive growth)
    • Next Day Settlement
    • Front End
    • Back End
    • Variable Funds
    • Sector Funds
    • ETF's: Overview and Investing
    • Mutual Fund Tables & Research
    • Hedge Funds
  • Advantages Of Mutual Funds
    • Advantages Overview
    • Advantages
    • Simplicity & liquidity
    • Risk reduction in volatile markets
    • Diversification & Indexing
    • Management´s edge, Access to research & IPO's
  • Disadvantages Of Mutual Funds
    • Costs & Fees
    • Back End vs. Front End
    • Hidden risks of fund ownership
  • Researching & Comparing Mutual Funds
    • Where to find free research to compare mutual fund performance
    • Using Morningstar's Rating in addition to other means
    • The best way to compare funds
    • Be aware of "window dressing"
    • Analysis of the fund's past performance
    • Researching the fund management team
    • Choosing the right fund for you
  • Your Investment Goals & Evaluation
    • Defining your profit goals and Investment Horizon
    • Defining your risk tolerance and investment capital
    • Evaluating your suitability
    • Building your portfolio
      • Diversification—practical guide
      • Using asset allocation
      • Measuring your performance
      • Using online portfolio tracking tools
  • The Psychology Of Investing Successfully
    • Identify your strengths
    • Sticking to your Trading plan and strategy
    • Measures to take when deviating from your Trading plan
    • Controlling your emotions overview
    • Steps taken to avoid reckless behavior
    • How to deal with greed and over confidence
    • Dealing with Anger and avoiding the cause of it
    • Overcoming your fears and the remedy for treating the "Scared Trader Syndrome"

Our Stock Market Day Trading Courses are available in bundled packages, or sold separately for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert traders. These courses encompass a variety of different Trading styles and techniques that will empower the student to learn all the day Trading essentials.   When completed, the student may choose which combinations of day Trading methods and techniques will best suit their lifestyle and preference.  For information on a specific Trading style or technique, please see our selection of our  "specialty courses".

Live Interactive Courses - Our Day Trading Courses primarily take place over the internet in our "Virtual Classroom".  These courses broadcast live every week and allow the students to interact with the instructor to ask/answer questions in real time.   The student may enjoy taking our courses from the comfort of their personal computer and absorb the information the same as if they were in a real classroom.
CD Rom Self Learning Courses - Our Day Trading Courses are also available on CD rom for self learning.  The content and quality is the same as our live courses.  The only difference is that the CD courses do not include live support from the instructor unless purchased separately.  The purchased CD course will be shipped promptly to your mailing address along with all course material.  All CD's come with a lifetime warranty.
View On Demand Downloadable Courses - This course may be downloaded and stored to your personal computer.  The content and quality is identical to our CD courses.  The only difference is that you may burn your own course CD Rom as you will not receive a physical CD in the mail.  All course material may be download and printed to your printer as well.  Downloading the course is less expensive than purchasing a CD as you will save on the cost of material and shipping.

Free LIVE Re-Takes (unlimited) - Students that purchase our live courses may "Re-Attend" the live course every time it's available with No Limitation and No Expiration date.   Live course students will receive a monthly email invitation to the next scheduled course of purchase.

  Free Archive Access (unlimited) - Students that purchase our live courses will have unlimited access to the archives of the newly recorded courses.  Archive access will never expire and there is no limit to the amount of times the new archives are viewed.
  Lesson Material - All courses include a completed binder of lesson material that directly corresponds with the information covered in the course and may include addition information that is not covered as well.
  Course Quizzes - Test your knowledge by taking a quiz at the end of each lesson.  These quizzes are essential to define which topics you have learned and which topics may require improvement.
Specialty Trading Courses
Specialty Courses: These courses are designed for individuals who wish to specialize in a specific Trading style or technique.  They may be purchase separately or in a bundled package for a reduced price. The topic details for these specialty courses are linked below by category.
  Range Trading Strategies
  Momentum Trading
  Trend Following
  News Playing
  Ratio Trading
  Technical Analysis
  Trading Psychology
  Level II Trading Platform Training

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