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Our Stock Market Technical Analysis Courses offer a Step-by-Step walk thru of the daily routine used by professional day traders.  This routine requires that the student understands the essential background knowledge of how the market works and how to capitalize on an investment opportunity when the situation arises.  See below for more details.

Live Interactive Courses - Our Technical Analysis Courses primarily take place over the internet in our "Virtual Classroom".  These courses broadcast live every week and allow the students to interact with the instructor to ask/answer questions in real time.   The student may enjoy taking our courses from the comfort of their personal computer and absorb the information the same as if they were in a real classroom.
CD Rom Self Learning Courses - Our Technical Analysis Courses are also available on CD rom for self learning.  The content and quality is the same as our live courses.  The only difference is that the CD courses do not include live support from the instructor unless purchased separately.  The purchased CD course will be shipped promptly to your mailing address along with all course material.  All CD's come with a lifetime warranty.
View On Demand Downloadable Courses - This course may be downloaded and stored to your personal computer.  The content and quality is identical to our CD courses.  The only difference is that you may burn your own course CD Rom as you will not receive a physical CD in the mail.  All course material may be download and printed to your printer as well.  Downloading the course is less expensive than purchasing a CD as you will save on the cost of material and shipping.

Free LIVE Re-Takes (unlimited) - Students that purchase our live courses may "Re-Attend" the live course every time it's available with No Limitation and No Expiration date.   Live course students will receive a monthly email invitation to the next scheduled course of purchase.

  Free Archive Access (unlimited) - Students that purchase our live courses will have unlimited access to the archives of the newly recorded courses.  Archive access will never expire and there is no limit to the amount of times the new archives are viewed.
  Lesson Material - All courses include a completed binder of lesson material that directly corresponds with the information covered in the course and may include addition information that is not covered as well.
  Course Quizzes - Test your knowledge by taking a quiz at the end of each lesson.  These quizzes are essential to define which topics you have learned and which topics may require improvement.
  NOVICE COURSE:  This course will teach you how to use technical analysis in your Trading plan the same as seasoned professionals.  The analysis tools, indicators and strategies covered in this courses is a must for all traders because it is universal and may be used in all styles of Trading.  These styles include Intra Day Trading, swing Trading, short term investing and position Trading.  Starting out with this course is the best choice for people who are new to Technical Analysis and those with Trading experience.  The course material will build a strong foundation of knowledge and help you understand the essential concepts, Trading terms and basic strategies to get started.  At completion, you will be able to follow a simple daily routine that should evolve to perfection as you repeat the routine many times over again.  This routine begins with a pre-market analysis of the days market events, finding and evaluating a small group of stocks to trade in that day's session, creating a preliminary entrance and exit strategy for the chosen stocks and protecting your winnings for the day.   Further more, you will learn about a few basic Trading signals and how to take action when those signals appear.  The Novice Course by itself should be enough to get you started started as a trader and back test your skills.  With enough practice and experience, you should be able to start Trading with real money and follow a defined daily routine in a matter of weeks.   The simple style, method and strategies covered in this course will be easy for any competent trader to follow.  The routine is designed to produce consistent profit results with the least amount of risk. .   (more details are provided in the "Novice Course" overview linked on the tab above".)
  INTERMEDIATE COURSE:   The intermediate Technical Analysis course will introduce additional Trading styles and methods that will add to the students list of strategies.  The additional strategies put forth in this course will empower the novice trader to exercise alternative strategies when opportunities arise.  For example, the market conditions on a particular day may not provide the opportunities that a Novice graduate may be able to act on.  The Intermediate trader may have the ability to seek alternative Trading opportunities that are not covered in the Novice course.  These additional Trading styles, methods and strategies are discussed in more detail on the "Intermediate Technical Analysis Course" overview.
  ADVANCED COURSE:   The advanced Technical Analysis course requires the student to have significant knowledge of the terms, methods and strategies put forth in the Novice and Intermediate course.  Those who wish to jump over the Novice & Intermediate courses will have difficulty following along and making sense of the material discussed in the advanced course.  This course will introduce additional Technical Analysis methods, styles and strategies that may require an individual to think and act faster on their decisions.  This advanced material will encompass a variety of signals that will provide the trader with additional Trading opportunities.  As this course will dig deeper into the arena of Level II Trading, it will introduce an arsenal of additional streaming data provided by the Level II Trading platform.  Graduates of this course will be able to define this data and interpret the signals portrayed behind it.  This course will introduce fast moving entrance and exit strategies that correspond to the streaming data illustrated on the Level II Trading platform.  (More detailed topic information is available on the "Advanced Course Overview" web page)
  EXPERT COURSE:  The expert Technical Analysis course will introduce additional Trading styles, methods and techniques that encompass all the strategies used in the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced courses.  Live Trading examples will show how an expert trader will adapt and respond to the changing market conditions by choosing a different strategy to suit the Trading environment.  This ability to compensate for a changing market environment may ultimately result in additional Trading opportunities that Novices and Intermediates will not be qualified to pursue.  (More detailed information is available in the "Expert Course" overview linked above.
  STEP 1:  COMPLETE YOUR TRAINING & EDUCATION - There are no words that can barley express the importance of educating yourself prior to Trading.  Starting at the NOVICE level is the best choice for most people.  Even if you may have some experience Trading, there's a significant amount of information in the Novice course that will play an important roll in the intermediate, advanced and expert courses.  The Novice course in itself should be enough to get started.  However, the intermediate and advanced courses will most definitely fast forward your progress and increase your ability to use alternative strategies that are not covered in the Novice course.  The Expert Course will put your knowledge and skills to the test as it will require that you are well educated in the arena of Technical Analysis.  More details on the topic descriptions can be seen by clicking the course level "tabs" above.
  STEP 2:  QUIZ YOURSELF AND SCORE HIGH - Taking the quiz at the end of all lessons is crucial.  This will determine if you have truly learned the information in its entirety.  If your score is above 90, you may proceed to "practice trade" with confidence.
  STEP 3:  PRACTICE SIMULATOR - Building your knowledge and experience on a practice simulator is the best way to begin your journey on the playing field.  Learning to trade in real time is like learning to play golf.  It may take many attempts at striking until you get it right.  A Trading simulator will allow you to trade "make believe" money during the live market with realtime streaming quotes.  If you don'Trading have a simulator in place, we will be happy to provide you with one for FREE.
  STEP 4:  BACK TEST YOUR SKILLS - The next step is to pick a specific strategy and stick to it.  Back test your strategy over and over again until your results are consistently profitable and routine.  Once achieved, you may proceed to the next step and start Trading with your real money.
  STEP 5:  START small AND WORK YOUR WAY UP - Trading with live money can be a real shocker during the beginning stages.  The best way to calm your nervous system and concentrate on your performance is to take small positions and tighten your profit goals and risk tolerance.  Then you may slowly increase your position size as you see fit.
Specialty Trading Courses
Specialty Courses: These courses are designed for individuals who wish to specialize in a specific Trading style or technique.  They may be purchase separately or in a bundled package for a reduced price. The topic details for these specialty courses are linked below by category.
  Range Trading Strategies
  Momentum Trading
  Trend Following
  News Playing
  Ratio Trading
  Technical Analysis
  Trading Psychology
  Level II Trading Platform Training

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